Breeding Program

This year will be yet another year that the Labrador Retriever will be the number one dog in the American Kennel Club registry. This continues because it is the most versatile of all canines. Having the opportunity to experience the breeding and training of second and third generations has helped me refine our breeding program. Breeding and training has progressed to the point that we are consistently producing the family companion and the family hunting retriever.

I have dedicated the past twenty-five years to the development of quality Labrador Retrievers. Educating the new owners (fathers, mothers, and children) is a big part of my program.

Over the past five years, I have begun to know just what it takes to create the perfect Labrador Retriever for the family home and the hunting home. The Lab is now (1) Living in the house up to 90% of the time, (2) Accompanying Mom on her walks and even to the store, (3) Keeping the children safe in their home and yard, (4) Keeping the teenager from being lonesome in his bedroom, (5) Going to the family farm or ranch with the family, and finally (6) Going on an occasional hunt. It is with these needs in mind that I concentrate on my breeding program to produce that special Labrador Retriever. Trainability and temperament are traits that we strive to put in our pups. An intelligent Lab moves through our obedience and hunting retriever training program well and exhibits a constant desire to please.

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Classic Labrador Retriever training and breeding philosophy has evolved throughout my career. It has been molded by the experience I gained, first, competing in field trials and later in sanctioned hunting retriever tests. Through years of training Labs of varying capabilities, I realized that a breeding program was needed in order to develop what was missing in the Labrador Retriever world...One dog for the field and family. With my present breeding program, I'm producing outstanding Labs that show a tremendous amount of natural desire, are aggressive retrievers yet have calm, stable temperaments with unsurpassed trainability. I try to pair sires with dams which will complement each other and reproduce litters with these desirable traits.

Once the pups are born it is not over. I invest countless hours evaluating the puppies in order to place them in the right home. During the first weeks we work to give the pups a solid base that will carry over into their later life. Breeding is very important, but the management, nutrition, nurturing, and training complete the Labrador Retriever's needs. Over the past twenty-five years, I have seen well-bred pups become mediocre adults due to lack of proper care and inadequate socialization. I am responsible for the breeding, whelping, and the first eight weeks. The new owners are responsible for the next fifteen years.

Looks have become more important to most Labrador Retriever owners. That means we must continue our efforts to produce pups that are close to the American Kennel Club standards. All puppies are adorable, however, we want our pups to grow into exceptionally handsome adults.

Over the years things have changed at Pecan Acre Kennels and Classic Labrador Retrievers, but one thing will never change - our love for Labs. The Labrador Retriever is truly the dog for all reasons and all seasons.

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